Scorched Ceremonies: Published Paper Prayers

Editorial Tables at The Showroom Gallery, London and FRAME Finland curated by Lily Hall, Yvonne Billimore and Yussi Koitela

Scorched Ceremonies considers the significance of varied modes of ritualistic paper burning in the handling of spiritual text and image in Southeast Asia and beyond. Regarding the form-changing process of burning as a deliberate and physical practice of ritual “publishing” — expanding the notion of a publisher and their publics to beyond the material realm.

Riso printed paper scrolls with commissioned text in the form of traditional Malay Pantun poems act as invocations to fire deities to offer to flames. The poster shadow of a silver print poster is an offering of kindling to a ritual fire. 

Text Contributions I.) The Heat: Rose Nordin II.) The Fuel: Heiba Lamara III.) The Oxygen: Priya Jay

Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities, installation view, The Showroom, London, 2023. Photos: Dan Weill